Complaints Handling Policy

Goals of policy

We value complaints/feedback as they assist us to improve our service and reputation as a quality health service provider.

This policy has been designed to assist both patients and staff.  Clinic 88 is committed to consistent, fair and confidential complaint handling and to resolving complaints as quickly as possible.  We aim to make it easy for people to make a complaint if they are dissatisfied and we will treat all patients making a complaint equally.

Definition of complaint/feedback

Complaints/feedback are defined as any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance or ideas made to staff by a patient or member of the public in relation to our business

Recording of complaints/feedback

All complaints/feedback, made verbal or written, will be recorded at the time of the complaint or as soon as possible.  When taking the complaint, staff will record the name and contact details of the patient as well as the full details of the complaint/feedback, including the date and time.  This information will be sent to and stored at our Macquarie office.

The complainant can also make the complaint/feedback anomalously and leave the complaint/feedback in the complaints/feedback area supplied.

Recorded complaints/feedback and patient details will not be divulged to third parties.

Informing Patients of progress.

We strive to resolve the complaints within the shortest timeframe possible.  Written complaints will be acknowledged promptly.

Patients will be informed of the progress/resolution regularly.  Any changes to services as a result of the complaint/feedback will be communicated.

Responding to Complaints/feedback

All people making a complaint will be treated with courtesy.  Where possible, complaints/feedback will be resolved at the first point of contact.  If appropriate to the complaint/feedback, frontline staff can offer a resolution satisfactory to resolve the complaint/feedback.  Complaints/feedback will be recorded.

If the complaint/feedback cannot be resolved immediately, the customer will be given a timeframe, a contact person and details of our complaint handling process.  Where possible, the staff member taking the complaint details will be the contact person.


Review of complaint/feedback handling process

Clinic 88 is committed to continuous improvement and this policy will be reviewed regularly for effectiveness and updated.


Brad Hiskins

Managing Director Clinic 88