Annette Read

Pilates Instructor


  • Diploma in Teaching
  • Certificate in III and IV in Fitness
  • Diploma in Pilates
  • 467 Hours Yoga Training

Areas of Interest

  •  Core and joint stability
  • Posture and balance
  • Desk related issues
  • Flexibility and freedom of movement

Association Memberships

  • Pilates Alliance Australasia
  •  Fitness Australia

About Annette

Teaching and learning are Annette’s passion, she has been involved in both for over 35 years, 25 of which were spent in the school room. She moved to the Fitness Industry in 2004 gravitating from Aerobics to the Mind Body field. She initially trained in Pilates in 2007 completing several courses culminating in a Diploma in Pilates. She has also completed 2 Yoga training courses as well as Chi Ball, Spirals and bodyART, all of which she draws on to present varied and interesting classes. She has taught the full range of participants, from elite athletes performing at National and International level, to children, seniors and those with disabilities.

Her philosophy is that we are all unique and special, our bodies being the result of our genetics and our history. Our aim is to work with that body to make it more comfortable to live in and last longer.